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Online video piano lessons for Adult Learners

The Covid Pandemic which started in 2021 has been going on and on for months on end now. It is now September. Some countries in the world are still grappling with how to cope with the pandemic, just when lcountries are encouraging their population to get themselves vaccinated, new strains of the virus emerged and the death toll continues to rise. In Singapore, we are bracing ourselves to view this covid fight as an endemic. The economy has to open up and businesses need to evolve and adapt. 
So this is the new norm in my piano studio, Forte Music Training. We have adopted a hybrid face-to-face as well as online zoom lessons. Parents get to choose their preferance. And we maintain a fluidity for the students to switch to online lessons any time the students are unwell. This works best to keep everyone safe from the virus. 
We also have a new venture. Introducing a NEW online platform for piano learning for ADULTS.I often hear adult learners lament, “I learnt piano when I was young, now I forgot everything.””I want to pick up piano again, I want to learn the songs that I like”.So we heard you loud and clear. In my online course platform for Adults, you can learn songs that you enjoy. This month we are launching ‘The Moon Represents My Heart” popularised by the late Teresa Teng in the 70’s. This is to coincide with the Mid-Autumn Festival. The launch price is very attractive. Only US$10, and you get 14 video lessons taking you hands alone and putting it hands together, each lesson is only less than 5 minutes long. You will also get a free PDF of the Piano score as well as an mp3 recording of an orchestral backing track to play along. How cool is that?!
Adult online school click here

For those who are more accomplished and need less hand holding, the sheet music is also available for sale. You will receive a lead sheet as well as a piano score for a very affordable US$5. 
The Moon Represents My Heart Sheet Music digital download.

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